Solidworks 2017 Premium-Download
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Solidworks 2017 Premium-Download

Category Graphics & Design
Vendor SolidWorks
Operating System Windows
Language English

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SolidWorks 2017 Premium x64 Overview and Description


Explore the new power and performance in SOLIDWORKS 2017 and quickly turn your ideas into finished products.


With more core power and performance, and new capabilities for emerging technologies, it has never been easier to design and create with SOLIDWORKS, the design and development solution chosen by more than 3.1 million users worldwide. Here is a sampling of the new key features to help improve your workflow. 

* INNOVATE  New capabilities to help you incorporate emerging technologies
* DESIGN   More core power and performance to get your job done faster
* VALIDATE  Greater design ideas that lead to breakthrough innovations
* COLLABORATE  Unlock any 3D model to work with SOLIDWORKS
* BUILD & MANAGE  Data integration from concept to manufacturing to drive business needs 


English, čeština, français, Deutsch, italiano, 日本語,한국어, polski, português, русский, español, Türkçe
Available: 50+
Solidworks 2017 Premium is the latest version of the most powerful software product for everyone who wishes to get a more productive 3D design experience. Solidworks Premium is a powerful mixture of different design tools like assembly, industry-leading part, drawing capabilities and built-in rendering, simulation, animation. This combination will help you make your everyday design work faster than it was before. 

This version offers a plethora of innovative capabilities that allow users to get more experience working with 3D objects. This is a comprehensive 3D design solution, which can meet the requirements of each designer.

The first noticeable changes are the enhancements of the user interface. The developers changed the Dynamic Reference Visualization option. First, it was introduced in 2015, but now it has undergone a revamp. The sweeping arcs were also replaced. Now they are substituted with the filleted corners and different geometric lines. 

The new Reliability tab allows users to see how the session ended.

With this release, you can easily bring to life all of your ideas. Solidworks Premium is an excellent software product, allowing you to design many types of products. This release offers you the following capabilities:

• 3D Solid Modeling. Users can easily create either 3D or 2D drawings and update them when they wish.
• A plethora of assembly design features. The work with extremely large designs is easier now.
• Conceptual design. You can work with layout sketches, use all types of motors or forces and import different types of images.
• Sheet metal. The product offers a good choice of sheet metal parts.
• Mold design. Designers can create a draft, cavity and automated parting surfaces in order to create molded parts.
• Piping and tubing design. 

Except for the above-mentioned features, Solidworks 17 Premium offers lots of options, allowing users to leverage existing design work. With the help of the search option, users can find any file, kept on their computer, cloud service or Solidworks PDM system. 

In case you wish to change the existing diagram, Solidworks Treehouse is an excellent tool for doing this. Designers can organize and reuse assembly tree diagram as the basis of the new diagram.

The toolbox provides users with many components that designers can add to their assemblies. Besides, the existing catalog of 2D and 3D components improves the performance and allows users to vary their projects.

Solidworks 2017 Premium offers many innovative simulation tools. Their goal is to help designers solve complicated problems that happen during the design process. They are as follows:

• Time-based Motion.
• Linear Static Simulation.
• Solidworks FloXpress
• Solidworks Sustainability.

Except for the mentioned features, this version gives users a chance to streamline the product development process and discuss the ideas faster. With this version, you will get powerful functionality which will automate everyday tasks and improve the performance. Besides, this product will be your must-have tool, which will help you define the form and fit of your design faster.




Operating Systems SOLIDWORKS



Windows 10, 64-bit  (2015 SP5)
Windows 8.1, 64-bit
Windows 8.0, 64-bit
Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit (only)
RAM 8GB or more recommended
Video Card Certified cards and drivers
Processor Intel or AMD with SSE2 support. 64-bit operating system required
Install Media DVD Drive or Broadband Internet Connection
Microsoft Products
Internet Explorer IE 9,10,11 IE 10,11 IE 11
Excel and Word 2010, 2013 2010, 2013, 2016 (2016 SP3) 2010, 2013, 2016
Anti-Virus Supported Anti-Virus Products
Network Microsoft Windows networking. Novell networks and non-Windows network storage devices are not supported
Virtual environments Supported virtual environments 

  • Manufacturer: SolidWorks

Solidworks 2017 Premium-Download

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